Full List Of Urumieh Kurdish Political Prisoners

2014 November 14
Currently there are 45 Kurdish political prisoners in the central prison of Orumieh. At least ten of them are sentenced to death. These prisoners are kept in poor condition and are deprived of their most basic human rights.
The latest statistics show that over 40% of the prisoners in the Iran’s prisons are formed by Kurdish political and civil activists.
Iranian government’s measures in widespread operations of arrests of political activists continue and always these activists are charged with membership in the opposition parties, acting against national security, propaganda against the regime and causing chaos and so on…
Here is the full list of Kurdish political prisoners in central central prison of Urumieh:

1) Ebrahim Issapour
2) Ahmad Tamoui
3) Bakhshali Mohammadi
4) Behrouz Alkhani
5) Jafar Mostafazadeh
6) Seyyed Jamaledin Mohammadi
7) Habib Afshari
8) Ali Afsjari
9) Vali Feshari
10) Sami Hosseini
11) Sirvan Nejavi
12) Osman Moussapour
13) Ali Ahmad Soleiman
14) Ali Mohammadi Moghadam
15) Mostafa Davoodi
16) Mostafa Ali Ahmad
17) Mansour Arvand
18) Moloud Yazdanpanah
19) Yousof Kakmami
20) Mohammad Shirkou Hassanpour
21) Khadr Rasoul Maravat
22) Alireza Rasouli
23) Mohammad Abdolbakht
24) Jafar Mirzai
25) Jafar Salian
26) Mansour Daryanoush
27) Younes Aghayan
28) Habib Mohammadi
29) Khaled Amoui Milan
30) Edris Mavaneh
31) Moussa Ashrafi
32) Esmail Omri
33) Farhad Sadeghi
34) Esmail Akhtari
35) Safar Amiri
36) Fereydoun Najafi
37) Fayegh Najafi
38) Mostafa Sabzi
39) Reza Ayoubi
40) Naser Badavi
41) Abdollah Badavi
42) Hossein Zamani
43) Mohammad Jangou
44) Hejar Ghaderi
45) Ebrahim Khazandi

Also Mrs. Samar Shafirad is accused of spying for Iraqi Kurdistan province. She is sentenced to three years in prison and has spent one year of her sentence in central Urumieh prison.

Fereydoun B.



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