Unpublished List Of Some Sick Political Prisoners

Sources In Farsi

Support families of those killed and arrested, according to reports received by the center, a large number of political prisoners in jails, prisons, are Under pressures

Attempting to expose a list of names of Sick prisoners unpublished

The names and details of some of these sick prisoners are as follows:

Name: Iraj Derakhshi
Location: Orumieh
Place of arrest: Tehran
2 months in Ward 240 Evin prison
Lawyer: No
Charges: communicating with governments hostile to Iran

Name: Mohammad Sajjad Ahmadi
Location: Kermanshah
25 days In Solitary confinement
Charge: Disclosure of confidential documents related to political
Arrest: 1 February 2012
Education: Masters in Political Science

Name: Mokhtar Salehi
Arrest: 18 october 2011
47 days in solitary at ward 240
accused of collaborating with hostile governments

Name: Ali Zakeri
Arrest: 7 Februrary 2010 at Arag Square
After being arrested and transferred to section 7 of section 350 has been transferred after one week
Released on bail on 18 March 2010
And on 2 October 2010 he was charched by Branch 28 Judge Moghiseh, with gathering and insulting the leader and the four-year sentence was confirmed on appeal by Branch 54.
He was transferred to ward 350 on 1 December 2012 and is still there.

Name: Pejman Abdul Hossain Zadeh
Born 1981
Arrested on 14 April 2009
2 months of arrest in ward 12
Trial Date 15 May 2013
Sentenced to two years imprisonment

Name: Sadegh Zahedi
From Ahvaz
Arrest on 10 January 2011 by Ahvaz Ministry information has been jailed for 10 weeks
Then he was transferred to section 240 of the branch 15
He was sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment on charges of collaborating with hostile governments, which is reduced by the Court of Appeals to 7 years.

Name: Farhad Salman Zayyr
Arrested on July 2012
Charged with acting against national security and propaganda against yhe government
In solitary at ward 209 and 240.
He’s in ward 8 in limbo accused of taking part in gatherings of 2009

Torture & Torturers Of Political Prisoners Shahram & Farhang Pourmansouri In Rajaei Shahr Prison

Sources in farsi

Offensive: names of torturers RajaeShahr prison and torture of prisoners

According to reports, Shahram and Farhang Pourmansouri have recently been transferred to solitary confinement known as the  » doghouse  » on the direct orders of Ali Haj Kazem and Nabiollah Faraji Nejad , director and a member of the security of the prison.

Three prison guards named Goudarzi , Aghaei and Salmani severely tortured these prisoners , Shahram and Farhang Pourmansouri .
These two brothers who pass sentences of 15 years in prison in Rajaei Shahr Prison were transferred to the isolated cells and are in very inhumane and humiliating conditions.

They were also threatened not to disclose their torture.
According to sources Shahram and Farhang Pourmansouri are handcuffed and shackled and kept in isolation. They were severely beaten with batons . The prison officials also threatened Shahram and Farhang Pourmansouri not disclose the torture treatment used.

According to information received by the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights , the authorities of the prison Rajaei Shahr are trying to use all means to destroy the morale of these political prisoners.
We note that the city of Karaj is known as an exile for political prisoners. The judicial authorities have greater pressure on political prisoners and even try to physically remove political prisoners. In this Rajaei Shahr prison inmates are especially political prisoner. In addition to the above, issues such as restrictions on visits, calls and transfer to solitary confinement , torture and other inhuman acts of the authorities.
Student Committee to defend political prisoner