A Group of Dervishes Summoned to Kavar Court/ Detention of a Dervish Due to Refusing Bail

A Group of Dervishes Summoned to Kavar Court/ Detention of a Dervish Due to Refusing Bail

04/07/13 15:05
From Majzooban

After nearly two years of the illegal rally against Gonabadi Dervishes in Kavar town and the arrest and imprisonment of the dozens of Dervishes in country’s prisons, summons of Dervishes to security centers continue.
According to Majzooban Noor, in recent days, the civil court has issued written summons to a number of Dervishes from Kavar town to appear before it without mentioning a reason of that. The summons were sent to people who have no involvement at all in the Kavar events.
Messrs. Behyar Rajabi, Abouzar Malekpour, Esmaeeil Dehghan, Sohrab Dehghan, Shahram Dehghan, Amir Hamzeh Dehghan, Zabih Gardpour, Ghasem Dakhtan, Aman Cheraghi, Manouchehr Zare, Mehdi Ghanbari, Hamid Mehdizadeh, Nasrollah Golshan, Karamat Moradi and Khorshid Davoudi are those to whom a summon has been sent. It is reported that, when Mr. Karamat Moradi had gone to Kavar court, was ordered to post bail of 400 million toman for his release but he refused to pay then he was detained. Finally after one day in jail he was released from prison on the bail-bond business.
Since Shahrivar 1390 (September 2011) following the attacks by Basiji and plain-clothes on Gonabadi Dervishes in Kavar town in Fars Province which resulted the death of one Dervish called  » Vahid Banani » who was killed by a gun-shut in police checkpoint and so many file cases opened against Gonabadi Dervishes in court, pressures on Gonabadi Dervishes increased, so on, in the second half of 1390 and first half of 1391 more than 100 Gonabadi Dervishes in the city of Kavar, arrested, beaten, and without receiving written summons have been tried. In mid-Tir 90 (July 2011) the cleric (Alireza Shahbazi) begun a widespread propaganda against Islamic mysticism by delivering CD which is all insult to the dervishes, called on citizens to demonstrate against dervishes. With an illegal movement which was against religious principles, he called for a demonstration without a valid license from the authorities which led Friday Prayer canceled.
As a result of Mr. Shahbazi’s seduction some Gonabadi dervishes were wounded and one dervish was martyred.
Despite repeated Dervishes complaints to Judiciary systems, no deal has been done yet to the main causes of Kavar conflict.


A Report on Condition of Jailed Gonabadi Dervishes in Shiraz AdelAbad Prison

A Report on Condition of Jailed Gonabadi Dervishes in Shiraz AdelAbad Prison

04/07/13 08:09

From Majzooban:

The health condition of three jailed Gonabadi Dervishes in Shiraz’s AdelAbad prison, due to intense interrogation and psychological torture in Intelligence Detention Centre, known as No.100 (Plaque 100/Pelak sad) is reportedly so dire and need immediately to be taken to hospital.
According to Majzooban Noor, three Gonabadi Dervishes (Sayed Ebrahim Bahrami, Mohammad Ali Dehghan and Mohsen Esmaeeli) residents of Kavar town in Fars province suffer from stomach bleeding, back pain and kidney pain. After being interrogated in Intelligence Detention Centre, known as No.100, they were put in solitary confinement, in the basement of AdelAbad Prison and were denied their visitation rights for a long time, then transferred to « Ebrat » ward of this prison where it was possible to visit. The families of jailed Dervishes expressed grave concern regarding their health condition. According to their families, they have not previously been associated with these such diseases and the problems are as a result of beating, pressure to confess and being put in solitary confinement in the basement of No. 100 of Adel Abad prison. Dervishes’ families have requested to transfer them to a hospital outside prison for treatment.

A family member of the above mentioned Dervishes told the Majzooban Noor:  » These Dervishes have been put under physical and psychological pressure and torture in No.100 (Plaque 100/Pelak sad). The pictures of their families were shown to them in order to create fear and panic and make prisoners confess. They have been treated harshly ,insulted, threatened with being hanged and even their beliefs and great masters of Nematollahi Gonabadi order have been insulted by prison officials.
It is notable that, last week on Thursday (Tir 6/ Jun 27) four Gonabadi Dervishes (Sayed Ebrahim Bahrami, Mohammad Ali Sadeghi, Mohammad Ali Dehghan and Mohsen Esmaeeli) without prior notice were suddenly transferred to Branch 14 of Shiraz’s Revolutionary Court. The hearing was held by magistrate judge Vaezi but their charges are still unclear and incomplete. According to the magistrate, the charges will be determined at the next court session. It is important to say that,

during interrogation process they had been formally charged with « acting against national security, » « disturbing public order, » « assault and battery, » « carrying illegal weapons » and « moharebeh or defying God ».

AliReza Roshan Won the Poetry Prize of « André Verdet »

AliReza Roshan Won the Poetry Prize of « André Verdet »

04/07/13 16:27

From Majzooban:

Imprisoned Gonabadi Dervish, AliReza Roshan won the Poetry Prize of « André Verdet: the poetry of French resistance ».
AliReza Roshan, Gonabadi dervish, activist for the rights of Dervishes, poet, writer and head of the book section of Shargh Newspaper, is a poet who has published a collection of poems called « There is no book/ The book of nothing » and his poetry has been translated into French. AliReza Roshan were arrested by intelligence forces along with 15 other Gonabadi dervish lawyers and Majzooban Noor website’s managers in Shahrivar 1390 (September 7 2011) in Tehran and he was released on bail after enduring more than one month behind bars in solitary confinement in Ward 209 of Evin prison. Currently he is serving his one-year jail term in Evin prison along with 7 Dervish lawyers and Majzooban Noor managers who are being held there without no trial.

It should be noted that, he has been sentenced to one year imprisonment and four years of suspended jail term after being convicted on the basis of Article 610 of the Islamic Penal Code: « Incitement and collusion with intent to disrupt national security » in Branch 26 of Tehran’s Revolutionary Court presided over by Judge « PirAbbasi » on last Tir (July) and Branch 54 of the Tehran Appellate Court upheld the ruling.
It is important to say that, AliReza Roshan is accused of this charge due to his cooperation with the Majzooban Noor website (Nematollahi Gonabadi Order News Website).
He has written five poems from prison:

June 10 2013 Text: Alireza Roshan
From your eye that you are captive Dervish
A world is imprisoned and you are free
The truth is:
The bird is shot in the sky
The poet is more poet in the cage
Blood should be in vessels
Not in jars
Not on the pavement
They frighten the wind with jail,
Me with loneliness
With you
No confinement
Is solitary
We rhyme
Cannot live,
We rhyme
Prison door
To welcome another prisoner

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