Ashkan Zahabiyan Arrested For The Fourth Time


Ashkan Zahabiyan was arrested for the fourth time –

Sources: Committee of Human Rights Reporters

6 Persian date Khordad 92
May 27 2013

CHRR – Ashkan Zahabiyan, a student activist of Green Movement and member of the General Council OCU, on 8 pm, Monday 27 May, has been detained by security forces, at his father’s home in the city of Babol.

Based on reports to the Committee on Human Rights at 8 pm Monday, the security forces raid Ashkan Zahabiyan father’s house, and he was immediately arrested and was taken to an unknown location.

In the same news report, Kalameh WebSite reports: Student Ashkan Zahabiyan was deprived from studying and was expelled from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, was summoned on May 90 (2011) and refered to the information office in Sary, was arrested for the third time.
For the first time, He was arrested (16 june 2019), just four days after the June 26 iranian election, when engineering students were gathered in the University. He was severely beaten and he became unconscious and then was detained by security guards.

Ashkan Zahabiyan on 3 November 2009 on charges of acting against national security because of his student activism, re-arrested while defending his right to counsel, he was prevented from having a lawyer. He was sentenced to an illegal 6 months of imprisonment by the Revolutionary Court sentence absentia city ​​of Babol.

Ashkan Zahabiyan’s new charges in this case are the meeting with Grand Ayatollahs Sanei, Vahid Khorasani and other clerics in Qom


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