Five Arab minority political prisoners sentenced to death

Human rights activists expressed concern that the five had been secretly executed. The five prisoners are Abdolrahman Heydari, The Heydari, Jamshid Heydari, Mansour Heydari and Amir Moavi. The reports further reveal that Karoon Prison was placed on special alert and internal security forces were positioned around the prison, imposing unprecedented restrictions on political prisoners, cutting off telephone lines and discontinuing meetings. Heavy pressure was applied on the families of prisoners to not give media interviews. The five prisoners, including three brothers, a cousin and another individual, were arrested during Iranian Arab protests that took place last year in Ahvaz and sentenced to death on charges of killing security forces personnel, a charge that was vehemently denied by all five. Amnesty International called on the immediate stay of the executions. Sources: Iran Daily Brief

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Imprisoned journalist not released at end of sentence

Isa Saharkhiz was not released despite having served his prison sentence. The son of the imprisoned journalist published the following on his Facebook page: Although the arrest and sentence was not legal, according to the illegal sentence, my father should have been released from prison yesterday. He is still being held in the hospital as a hostage.


Syria Linked to Iran Sanction Breaches

An independent panel of experts has informed the UN Security Council that Syria is involved in nearly all breaches of UN sanctions against Iran. UN experts have reportedly gathered “substantial evidence” regarding Syria’s role in arms transfers with Iran. Reports indicate that the UN sanctions panel on Iran prepared a report which outlined three illegal arms shipments, two of which involve Syria. This report is expected to be published in the near future.

During a UN Security Council meeting on the Iran sanctions, US Deputy Permanent

Representative to the UN, Rosemary DiCarlo, said “over the last two years, the panel has assembled substantial evidence proving Syria’s role as a repeat violator of UN sanctions on Iran” adding “Syria’s refusal to implement its UN obligations should be a matter of central concern to this council.”
For his part, French Permanent Representative to the UN, Martin Briens, stressed that “Syria, which brutally represses its people, is implicated in most of the cases of violations of the arms embargo notified to the committee.”

He added “the scope confirms the existence of a deliberate and continued policy of illicit transfers of arms and connected materials between Iran and Syria.”

France’s Permanent Representative to the UN also claimed that “Syria is also implicated in numerous cases notified to the North Korea sanctions committee” stressing “these are grave violations by the country.”

The US and its western allies are calling for tighter sanctions on Iran over its on-going nuclear ambitions which Tehran claims are peaceful but which Washington and others believes represents an attempt to develop a nuclear bomb.

An independent panel of experts recommended that the UN Security Council’s Iran sanctions committee add two Iranian companies to a UN blacklist for violating the UN ban on arms exports by Tehran.

This recommendation to sanction Iran’s “Yas Air” and “SAD Import-Exports” was included in a confidential report issued by the UN panel of expert. UN Security Council diplomats revealed that this report will be published in the near future.

This report claims that Syria remains the top destination for Iranian arms shipments in violation of the UN Security Council ban on weapons exports by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

For his part, Britain’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Philip Parham, told the UN Security Council that London supports the panel’s recommendation of sanctioning the two Iranian firms.

Speaking during a meeting on the UN’s sanctions committee for Iran, Parham said “Iran continues flagrantly to violate this council’s resolutions” adding “we support the two clear designation proposals, Yas Air and SAD Import/Exports, for their respective roles in illegal Iran arms exports.”

It was not clear when the Iran sanctions committee would make a decision on whether to add Yas Air and SAD Import/Exports to the list of companies facing an international asset freeze and banishment from international business.

Source: Asharq Alawsat

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imprisoned journalist Bahman Ahamadi transferred to prison in humiliation

According to reports, imprisoned journalist Bahman Ahamadi Amouee, who was exiled to

Rajaï Shahr Prison from Evin Prison, was transferred in a humiliating manner by security forces, with his hands and legs shackled. He was not allowed to collect his personal effects. Amoui was first transferred to solitary confinement along with several other political prisoners who tried to conduct a ceremony marking the death of Hoda Saber in prison. Evin Prison guards cut off electricity in the political prisoners wing and prevented the ceremony from taking place. The report further revealed that calls of Death to the Dictator were heard throughout the wing.
Source: Iran Daily Brief

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Morality police arrest television actress

A senior source in the Social Affairs Division of Tehran’s internal security forces, said that the morality police had arrested several people who attended a concert in Milad Tower in Tehran, including a prominent Iranian television actress referred to as A, who did not adhere to the modest dress code. For more photos of the wide-scale arrests,

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Persecution of Baha’i in Iran continues

More reports on persecution of the Baha’i community in Iran:
Intelligence Ministry headquarters in Semnan ordered the closure of two manufacturing plants owned by two Baha’i citizens.
Seven members of the Baha’i community in Semnan summoned for questioning at Intelligence Ministry headquarters – According to the report, the seven were interrogated at the Intelligence Ministry headquarters for seven hours about Baha’i institutions in Iran as well as about a photo related to religious lessons that took place ten years ago. The report further stated that one of the people interrogated, Tanaz Firoozian, was questioned about a lesson from ten years ago, when she was only 18 years old.